IDEA Project – Call to Action: Ukraine

Mobilizing the Global Coworking Movement for Ukraine

This call to action is being organized by the Coworking IDEA Project, and the European Coworking Assembly, in support of the Ukranian Coworking Association.

The IDEA Project is a global initiative aimed at developing Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) within coworking and collaborative spaces. We host monthly IDEA challenges to educate and improve our membership and leadership, and we issue calls to action in order to mobilize the global coworking movement in service of our shared coworking values, while working together in times of crisis.

Coworking IDEA Conversation – Special Edition: Ukraine 

On March 9th 2022 the Coworking IDEA Project team hosted an International conversation to hear directly from the coworking community in Ukraine, and to understand exactly what is needed by our friends and colleagues who are being directly impacted by violence, migration, and the trauma of war. We heard updates from Anastasiia Kachan, Vika Zhurbas, and Igor Dzhebyan.

We explored the various community-led initiatives that have been created and mapped the existing networks of support, identifying gaps in the relief systems and mutual aid networks.

If you were unable to attend the call, but would like to learn more about these organizing efforts, you can watch the video replay of this call above.


Guided by Coworking IDEA Project Facilitator Ashley Proctor, we discussed the essential elements to keep in mind as we offer services and support to others in crisis.


  • We discussed how we can utilize our networks, and collaborate for maximum efficiency and impact.


  • We discussed initiatives that are already underway in the coworking community, and how we can amplify those efforts.


  • We discussed how we can use this terrible situation to inspire a meaningful and lasting collaborative response in service of all those in (and fleeing) Ukraine.


  • We discussed how we can, and should, replicate these networks and organizing efforts in order to serve other refugees and migrants around the world.

An International Call to Action

Many of us are highly connected thanks to our coworking communities, and many of us are privileged to be stable, empowered, funded, and have access to organizations and resources around the world.

We encourage you to use your positions of power, your people and your platforms to spread the word, and to raise funds or supplies for our friends in Ukraine.

You can support these efforts in any way you like, but to avoid creating extra work for the Ukrainian Coworking Association, please coordinate efforts with the Coworking IDEA Project or the European Coworking Assembly to minimize the demands of communication for those in need of our support.

We will be collecting funds from multiple coworking industry initiatives in order to transfer them most efficiently and safely to those in need.

Don’t have time to organize?

All funds raised will be directed to the Ukrainian Coworking Association and their Ukrainian-led and endorsed humanitarian initiatives.


Many of us are organizing initiatives intended to help.

We will continue to update this list, and elevate any specific requests for items or efforts that are most in need.

Voices from Coworking – Weekly messages of hope from the coworking world to our friends in Ukraine (Past Messages)

VIDEO: A message from Anastasiia Kachan of the Ukraine Coworking Association

How to Support Ukraine
– Shared by Vika Zhurbas, Ukraine Coworking Association

Open Doors and Arms – Communicating with the European Coworking Assembly about Ukraine

We Help Ukraine – Shared by Hugo de Sousa and team

Support Ukraine Now – Shared by Global Shapers Hubs in Ukraine

We are open for Refugees – Shared by the German Coworking Federation

Coworking for Ukraine – Shared by Christoph Fahle, One Coworking

Coliving for Ukraine – Shared by Co-Liv

Support Coworking Communities in Ukraine -Shared by Ukraine Coworking Association / andcards

OutRight – Resources for LGBTIQ Ukrainians

Center for the Transformation of Work – Resources for Freelancers

Coaches4Ukraine – Accredited international coaches helping Ukrainian refugees in the EU and UK.

FOR RUSSIANS fleeing Russia & Ukraine – Anti-War Support Group for Russian Migrants 

OVD-Info – Legal Aid for Anti-War activists and Independent Media in Russia

TRAUMA RESOURCES for refugees and helpers – Available in many languages 

Make a Donation to the Coworking IDEA Project – we will collect & transfer all funds to the Ukrainian Coworking Association

If you want to add a link to this list, or offer volunteer or financial support to our colleagues in Ukraine – please contact the Coworking IDEA Project or the European Coworking Assembly to avoid overwhelming the Ukraine Coworking Association with questions and offers of support.

Email us to add your resources, or initiatives to this list, and to coordinate with other coworking community organizers to avoid duplicating efforts between all of those who are working to provide support.

Thank you so much to the 70 International coworking leaders who joined the IDEA call on March 9th, and to all of those who are working hard fundraising, organizing and mobilizing behind the scenes. 

Keep it up, friends.
Your work is making a difference 🇺🇦

All funds collected by
The Coworking IDEA Project
are for the Ukrainian Coworking Association


The European Coworking Assembly
is coordinating relief efforts and
bridging networks across Europe

Picture of European Coworking Assembly

European Coworking Assembly

The ECA is coordinating relief and resources across Europe

Contact Piotr Boulangé - PROJECT UKRAINE
Picture of Coworking IDEA Project

Coworking IDEA Project

The IDEA Project is coordinating relief and resources outside of Europe

Contact The IDEA Project
Picture of Ukraine Coworking Association

Ukraine Coworking Association

We are working in support of, and in consultation with
Anastasiia Kachan | Vika Zhurbas | Igor Dzhebyan
and the People of Ukraine

Picture of Ashley Proctor

Ashley Proctor

Community Organizer | Coworking IDEA Facilitator
Founder of Creative Blueprint & Coworking Canada

Contact Ashley Proctor - IDEA Project

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